I was introduced to Essentrics by my sister in 2011. As an actress living and working in New York City, my energy and vitality felt like limited resources, quickly drained and slow to rebound. Essentrics swiftly rejuvenated my body, and I discovered muscles I didn't know I had; a surprising thing for someone who saw herself as (relatively) fit and active!

In 2013 I moved from NYC to Montana, soon after starting the Essentrics teacher certification process. I taught my first classes as a Level 1 instructor in Livingston, and my clients' improvements have inspired me from day one.

A fully certified Level 4 Essentrics instructor since 2014, I also work for the Essentrics Teacher Training Department as a Mentor Trainer and Certification Advisor, grading exams and helping people around the world become Essentrics instructors. 


Unlock your body with Essentrics:

A full-body, rebalancing workout which simultaneously stretches and strengthens every muscle, Essentrics guides you beyond the old “no pain no gain” mentality. 

Whether your goal is body shaping or health & wellness, athletic performance or age reversal, Essentrics is for men and women of all ages and fitness levels and recommended by doctors, professional athletes, and physiotherapists.


A stand-alone or complementary program, Essentrics meets you where you are while increasing energy & strength, relieving pain and tension, and improving posture and agility.


More about Essentrics and its founders, Miranda & Sahra Esmonde-White: 



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"My experience working with Julia and Essentrics was awesome. Essentrics works every muscle without hurting your body. That doesn't mean this class isn't tough, trust me you will sweat! Even after one class I could feel a difference."

—  Sia Googas, Albany NY



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