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Calling All Weightlifters

Has your gym temporarily closed? Does social distancing have you stressed about staying on top of your strengthening goals? Maybe your at-home set up is non-existent or doesn't come close to your gym's, and you're already off your regular routine.

Respecting our goals and routines is important for many reasons. Physical benefits aside, exercise challenges us to tap into mental and emotional reserves, improving our equilibrium and supporting us through the good, bad, and ugly of our daily lives. When the world throws us a curveball this big, it's vital to get creative in how we keep ourselves balanced. While your highly disinfected gym *awaits* your return, now is your chance to strengthen in a dynamic way - and Essentrics is here to help.

Why not just do my usual at-home routine?

Go for it! If you don't want to put aside or switch out your usual home workout (I was just telling you how important it is, right?) Do that AND Essentrics. Here's why -

Weightlifting involves, among other things:

Correct alignment for every movement

Increasing power versus using excessive momentum

Engaging a full-body, balanced approach to your workout regimen

Essentrics can:

Heighten your body awareness & increase range of motion, thus improving your alignment

Increase both strength and flexibility, conditioning your muscles for maximum power

Ensure a full-body workout, whichever routine you choose to do


Remember, your body IS a weight! Obvious, yes, but we don't always engage it this way. Here's your chance to put it to use - find out just how heavy your arm/torso/leg can be...

Here’s how:

  1. Sign up for your free 2-week trial of Essentrics TV

  2. Here are strength-focused routines.

  3. Or, check out all your options back on the main page, sorted by main objective, area of focus, length of the workout, and more.

  4. Take off your gym shoes and experience the full-body strengthening and stretching benefits of Essentrics.

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